Raine Medical Research Foundation


In August 1957, Mary Raine signed the Deed of Trust bequeathing her property empire to the University of Western Australia for the purpose of funding medical research. The Raine Medical Research Foundation represents the largest bequest received by the University for medical research.

The Foundation is administered by a Research Committee appointed by the University Senate in accordance with the Deed of Trust. Its main objective is to fund investigative research into human disease. Mary Raine was quite explicit in her wishes as documented at Clause 3(b) of the Deed, which states that:

“The net income of the Fund shall be applied towards seeking, diagnosing and investigating the nature, origin and causes of diseases in human beings, with the initial emphasis on arteriosclerosis and allied diseases, and the prevention, cure, alleviation and combating of such diseases.”  

The Raine Foundation has made a distinguished contribution to medical research since its inception. It has supported scores of major research projects, funded two Centres of Excellence, established fellowships and scholarships, sponsored the visits of numerous international scholars, participated in major joint ventures, and fostered medical research at the undergraduate level.

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