Clinician Research Fellowships


The Clinician Research Fellowship program is an initiative of the Department of Health in partnership with the Raine Medical Research Foundation.

The program is designed to encourage clinicians employed by Health Service Providers to develop their research capability while continuing some clinical duties. The program also facilitates high quality research that will ultimately provide better health care outcomes. The research must be undertaken in WA and be of direct relevance to the WA health system.

The program is open to eligible clinicians:

  • working in healthcare disciplines including allied health and health sciences, dental, medical, nursing and midwifery professions;
  • who are either early or mid-career researchers; and
  • who have minimal or no paid research time.

Fellowship funding will provide salary support for research duties up to 0.5 FTE, as well as contribute to minor research costs. The duration of each Fellowship can be up to three years, depending on the extent of the research proposal. During the term of the Fellowship, clinical duties in a Health Service Provider institution(s) must be maintained at a minimum of 0.3 FTE.

Guidelines and Conditions

The Guidelines and Conditions governing the Fellowships are subject to regular review by the WA Department of Health and the Raine Research Committee to ensure that they are relevant and clearly articulate the main principles for selection.

Clinician Research Fellowship R8 Guidelines and Conditions


Clinician Research Fellowships (Round eight) are now closed.

Certification Form

Please download the certification form (fillable PDF or PDF format, available below) and upload in the online application with all required signatures.

Clinician Research Fellowship R8 Certification Form (fillable PDF)

Clinician Research Fellowship R8 Certification Form (PDF)

Key Dates

Call for Applications – Friday 15 February 2019

Applications close – Thursday 28 March 2019, 1.00 pm AWST

Fellowships announced – December 2019

Funds distributed – January 2020

Procedure for Appointment of Assessors

Procedure for Appointment of Assessors 2019


Previous Recipients (Round 1 – Round 8)