Clinician Research Fellowships 2015 (Round Four)

The Western Australian Department of Health and the Raine Medical Research Foundation are delighted to announce the 2015 (Round Four) Clinician Research Fellowship recipients.

Congratulations are extended to Dr Rishi Kotecha, Dr Martin de Bock, Dr Annette Lim, and Dr Edmond O’Loughlin.

Rishi Kotecha

Dr Rishi Kotecha

Combinatorial therapeutics in high-risk infant acute lymphoblastic leukaemia



Martin de BockDr Martin de Bock

Closed loop insulin delivery for patients with type 1 diabetes in free living conditions



Annette LimDr Annette Lim

Mechanisms that facilitate the metastatic potential of oral cancer



Ed O'LoughlinDr Edmond O’Loughlin

Project 1 – IronNOF – Intravenous Iron to reduce transfusion and improve post-operative haemoglobin in patients with fractured Neck Of Femur
Project 2
– PADDI – The Perioperative ADministration of Dexamethasone and Infection