Clinician Research Fellowships – Previous Recipients (Round One – Round Five)


The Western Australian Department of Health and the Raine Medical Research Foundation are delighted to announce the Clinician Research Fellowship recipients.

2016 (Round Five)


Associate Professor Wai Lim

Improving health outcomes of kidney transplant recipients




Dr Dimitar Azmanov

Diagnostic genomics applications for short stature




Associate Professor Tobias Strunk

Pentoxifylline to protect the preterm brain




2015 (Round Four)


Rishi Kotecha

Dr Rishi Kotecha

Combinatorial therapeutics in high-risk infant acute lymphoblastic leukaemia




Martin de BockDr Martin de Bock

Closed loop insulin delivery for patients with type 1 diabetes in free living conditions




Annette LimDr Annette Lim

Mechanisms that facilitate the metastatic potential of oral cancer




Ed O'LoughlinDr Edmond O’Loughlin

Project 1 – IronNOF – Intravenous Iron to reduce transfusion and improve post-operative haemoglobin in patients with fractured Neck Of Femur
Project 2
– PADDI – The Perioperative ADministration of Dexamethasone and Infection



2014 (Round Three)


Ed-FyshDr Edward Fysh

Pleural Effusions in Intensive Care Patients: The Physiological Changes and Clinical Effects of Drainage Procedures





Clinical Associate Professor Kwok-ming Ho

Detailed assessment of risks and benefits of inferior vena cava filters on patients with complicated injuries (the da Vinci Trial)





Dr Thomas Snelling

Improving the West Australian Immunisation Program





Dr Ulrich Steinwandel

Do ultrasound measurements of the inferior vena cava (IVC-US) by nursing staff improve assessment of intravascular volume status in the satellite haemodialysis clinic settings




2013 (Round Two)



Clinical Associate Professor Gareth Baynam

1 in 12: Translational Research for Rare Diseases




Chris_BlythDr Christopher Blyth

Preventing influenza morbidity and mortality in West Australian children through vaccination




Aron_ChakeraDr Aron Chakera

The influence of multi-strain cytomegalovirus infections on the immune repertoire: Implications for organ transplantation




Dale_EdgarDr Dale Edgar

Does exercise training improve muscle strength and function after burn injury?




Brigitte_TampinDr Brigitte Tampin

The role of sensory parameters in predicting clinical outcome after lumbar discectomy




Hugh_DaviesDr Hugh Davies

The F.L.U.I.D. study

(Forecasting Level of Ultrafiltration and Intensity of Dialysis)



2012 (Round One)


Tomas_CorcoranDr Tomas Corcoran

Project 1: REstrictive versus LibEral Fluid therapy in major abdominal surgery [RELIEF study]

Project 2: The influence of anaesthetic depth on patient outcome after major surgery [BALANCED study]




Dr André Schultz

The airway surface liquid micro environment in children with cystic fibrosis





Dr Nicholas Gottardo

Testing novel therapies using paediatric brain tumour models





Dr Nolan McDonnell

Neuraxial magnesium and analgesia: animal and human studies