Raine International Visiting Research Fellowships

The Research Committee of the Raine Medical Research Foundation has continued to acknowledge the benefits that can be achieved by attracting young international medical scientists to visit Western Australia for extended periods.

The Fellowships are offered to facilitate the visit of international postdoctoral research scientists to Western Australia. They will bring new knowledge and techniques in medical research, and will facilitate the training of staff and students who will initiate and undertake collaborative research. Nominees shall be of a high academic standing and shall normally be in the early stages of their postdoctoral research career.

The value of each Fellowship shall consist of a return economy airfare plus a daily allowance at a rate set by the Research Committee of the Raine Medical Research Foundation. The Fellowships shall be funded on a shared basis with the host Institution. The Raine Foundation shall contribute 70 per cent of the total costs, and the host Institution shall meet the balance of 30 per cent.

The duration of each Fellowship shall be for a minimum four-week period, with an unspecified maximum period, normally up to twelve weeks and the maximum contribution from the Raine Foundation for one award shall be $10,000.


The Conditions and procedures governing the fellowships are subject to regular review by the Research Committee to ensure that they are relevant and clearly articulate the main principles for selection.

Raine International Visiting Research Fellowship Conditions


Applications for Raine International Visiting Research Fellowships will not be invited in 2017.


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