Raine Priming Grants 2018

The Raine Medical Research Foundation is pleased to announce that it has awarded six Priming Grants for the two-year period 2018-2019, with a funding allocation of $944,622. Of the 34 applications received, 15 were shortlisted for review.

The Research Committee again acknowledged the excellent work being conducted in Western Australia, and extends best wishes to all candidates for the ongoing success of their research.

Congratulations go to the successful 2018 recipients:

Dr Yu Yu: Raine/Robson Fellow

Curtin University

Project: Enhancing Current Ovarian Cancer Response by Inhibiting SYK



Dr Tara Richman: BrightSpark/Raine Fellow

Harry Perkins Institute of Medical Research, University of Western Australia

Project: Modelling mitochondrial dysfunction in disease



Dr Gail Alvares

Telethon Kids Institute, University of Western Australia

Project: Childhood indicators of adult outcomes: A longitudinal follow-up of the WA Autism



Dr Rachel Foong

Telethon Kids Institute, Curtin University

Project: Examining environmental risk factors for asthma in Western Australia



Dr Jonathan Chee

University of Western Australia

Project: Analysis of T cell receptor diversity in animal models of cancer



Dr Chandrakumar Balaratnasingam

Lions Eye Institute, University of Western Australia

Project: Improving diabetic retinopathy management through early detection of microvascular changes