Healy Research Collaboration Awards – Previous Recipients



Dr Anabel Sorolla Bardaji

Harry Perkins Institute of Medical Research, University of Western Australia

Collaborating Institution: Spanish National Research Council / Consejo Superior de Investigaciones Cientificas (CSIC)

Project: Synthesis and characterisation of cutting-edge magnetic nanoparticles for anti-cancer treatment


Dr Lee Nedkoff

School of Population and Global Health, University of Western Australia

Collaborating Institution: University of Auckland, New Zealand

Project: Extending the potential of linked health data for international studies of cardiovascular disease: an Australia/New Zealand collaboration



Dr Haibo Jiang

University of Western Australia

Project: Development of a multimodal mass spectrometry imaging platform for lipid analysis



Dr Belinda Guo

University of Western Australia

Project: Establishing cell culture models for fibrotic progression in patients with myeloproliferative neoplasms



Dr Samantha Lee

Lions Eye Institute, University of Western Australia

Project: Western Australia Atropine for the Treatment of Myopia (WA ATOM) study




Dr Iona Schuster

Lions Eye Institute, University of Western Australia

Project: Characterizing innate lymphoid cells in steady state and infection



Dr Peijun Gong

University of Western Australia

Project: Optical imaging of conjunctival lymphatics for better glaucoma treatment





Dr Jiawen LiDr Jiawen Li

School of Electrical, Electronic and Computer Engineering, UWA

Project: Smart needles for better lung cancer assessment



Aleksandra DebowskiDr Aleksandra Debowski

School of Pathology and Laboratory Medicine, UWA

Project: Development of an inducible Helicobacter pylori cag-T4SS system for in vitro and in vivo studies



Jessica TirrellDr Jessica Terrill

School of Chemistry and Biochemistry, UWA

Project: Investigating the role of taurine in disease pathology of Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy (DMD) using the GRMD dog model





Kristyn BatesDr Kristyn Bates

School of Animal Biology, UWA

How does repetitive transcranial magnetic stimulation affect the brain? A cellular and systems approach



Tristan IIDr Tristan Clemons

School of Chemistry and Biochemistry, UWA

Multifunctional targeted nanoparticles for the effective delivery of therapeutics in models of colorectal cancer



Ashleigh Lin IIDr Ashleigh Lin

Telethon Kids Institute

Using support vector machine-based learning techniques to explore medical, developmental and psychiatric disorders


Nicole SmithDr Nicole Smith

School of Chemistry and Biochemistry, UWA

Targeting epigenetic markers to modulate G-quadruplex DNA topology as a novel therapeutic strategy for cancer





Assistant Professor Coral-Ann Almeida

School of Pathology and Laboratory Medicine

Stimulation of HIV-specific cytolytic effector function using allogeneic cell immunotherapy




Dr Gemma Cadby

Centre for the Genetic Origins of Health and Disease

Identifying genetic risk factors for cardiovascular disease in extended pedigrees in the Busselton Health Study




Dr Eva Malacova

Emergency Medicine/School of Population Health

An investigation of the relationship between traumatic brain injury, mental illness and subsequent criminal offending




Dr Helen Keen

School of Medicine and Pharmacology

Does zoledronic acid decrease back pain and slow spinal radiographic progression in those with radiographic osteoarthritis?





Dr Alexander Gout

UWA Centre for Child Health Research/Telethon Institute for Child Health Research

Genomic and Transcriptomic Analysis of Infant Acute Lymphoblastic Leukaemia




Dr Syed Islam

School of Dentistry/Oral Health Centre of Western Australia

Three-dimensional modelling and analysis of soft-tissue and hard-tissue facial features for Cranofacial Surgery




Dr Teresa Williams

Emergency Medicine/School of Primary, Aboriginal and Rural Health Care

The Critical Illness Journal – prehospital to rehabilitation: A data linkage project