Raine 2016 Annual Awards Ceremony

February 17, 2017

Top row: Dimitar Azmanov, Wai Lim, Tobias Strunk, Laurens Manning, Melissa O’Donnell, Laurence Cheung, Gavin Pereira
Bottom row: Tara Richman, Peter Rigby, Sharron Rigby, Iona Schuster, Peijun Gong, Lisa Wood, Ben Milbourn



2016 marks another fantastic year for the Raine and Healy Medical Research Foundations, with over $2 million in funding allocated to the very best medical and health researchers in Western Australia. Congratulations go to 27 recipients, who were awarded a project Grant, Fellowship, Collaboration Award, publication Prize or Visiting Professorship for 2017. This funding will not only progress the research careers of our brightest medical researchers, but will result in health outcomes that benefit the lives of all. On behalf of the Raine Research Committee, we wish all of our recipients the very best for their future research success.

The Annual Awards Ceremony is also an important opportunity for us to thank our partners and benefactors, who have made possible many of the funding programs we offer. Special thanks to the WA Department of Health, the University of Western Australia, and the BrightSpark Foundation, who continue their ongoing support and commitment to funding research excellence through the Raine Foundation. Also, thanks goes to our committee representatives who generously give their time to uphold the rigorous and equitable grant review processes that Raine has developed over that last 20 years. This support has reinforced the mission of the Raine Foundation to fund only research excellence, to ensure better health outcomes for the community and to support the future of medical research in WA.

With success rates for competitive Government medical research funding dropping below 15% in WA, many up-and-coming researchers are forced to either leave the State or the medical research profession. The impact of this on the local and wider community is immeasurable. In 2017, the Raine Foundation will be focussing on raising funds to support and retain the best medical researchers in WA, through fundraising activities and partnerships. If you would like to make a donation or partner with the Raine Medical Research Foundation, please contact the Raine Management Office on 9386 9880 or at raine@rainefoundation.org.au.