Research Stories

Supporting Gender Diversity

Mismatch between gender identity, body and social role can be distressing for young people. This can lead to mental health issues. The Raine Medical Research Foundation proudly supports The GENTLE Project, which aims to understand long-term outcomes of mental and physical health by tracking gender diverse young people in the CAMHS Gender Diversity Service (GDS) at Princess Margaret Hospital. Gender diverse young people need to be supported in their identities.

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Supporting our early career researchers

We caught up with some early career researchers supported by the Raine Foundation to talk about what motivates them in their research.

Thank you to Dr Sally Lansley, Dr Rishi Kotecha, and Dr Tristan Clemons.

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Supporting Influenza vaccination research

Research supported by the Raine Medical Research Foundation is looking into the effectiveness and uptake of influenza vaccination in Western Australian children. Hundreds of children in WA are hospitalised with influenza each year. Don’t risk their health! Get your child vaccinated today. Would you like to be a part of the next ground-breaking medical discoveries? Find out more.

Supporting families affected by rare diseases

Rare diseases affect many people across the world who struggle to find answers. The WA Undiagnosed Diseases Program is part of an international network that combines knowledge and technology to conduct research and find answers for affected families. Would you like to be a part of the next ground-breaking medical discoveries? Find out more.